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Subject: Re: Articulation Index
From:    "D. Sen"  <dsen(at)IEEE.ORG>
Date:    Fri, 16 Aug 2002 10:44:07 -0400

John G. Beerends wrote: > If you want to measure speech intelligibility of coded speech > (distortion+noise) the AI can definitely not be applied. An option is to use > ITU-T recommendation P.862 that describes a method called Perceptual > Evaluation of Speech Quality > > .862. > > The method was developed for speech quality but in general speech quality > and intelligibilty are closely linked There are many instances where speech intelligibility and quality are not correlated. The LPC-10e (US Federal Standard - 1015) algorithm is an example where intelligibility is high but quality is atrocious. The Speech Transmission Index (Steeneen, H.J.M and Houtgast, T., "A physical method for measuring speech-transmission quality", JASA, 67(1), 1980) might be a better objective measure of intelligibility than the AI for systems with nonlinear distortion. > and the algorithm can be re-optimized > for intelligibility. A paper describing the method will be published > (probably this year) in the J. Audio Eng. Soc. > > John Beerends > KPN Research > > > -----Original Message----- > From: Brent Edwards [mailto:brent(at)] > Sent: donderdag 15 augustus 2002 0:51 > To: AUDITORY(at)LISTS.MCGILL.CA > Subject: Re: Articulation Index > > > If the coder is only introducing stationary additive noise to the speech, > then you can do this. If the perceptual coder is affecting the speech in a > way different from this (which I suspect it is), then you cannot apply the > AI (to my understanding of the Speech Intelligibility Index ANSI standard). > --Brent > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Hugo de Paula" <hugodepaula(at)GMX.NET> > To: <AUDITORY(at)LISTS.MCGILL.CA> > Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 12:56 PM > Subject: Articulation Index > > > >>Well, >> >>The Articulation Index gives a measure of the intelligibility of hearing >>speech in a given noise environment. I have some recordings that I used > > some > >>perceptual coding techniques that caused distortion to these signals. I >>would like to calculate the AI of the distorced sound. As the AI is >>calculated based on the environmental noise, I would use the reference > > sound > >>to measure the 'noise' in the distorted sound. >> >>Hugo. >> >> >>>Hi Hugo, >>> >>>Pardon, I can not help you, but I would like to know what means >>>"articulation index" for a pair of sounds. >>>What is the use of this figure? >>> >>>Thanks, >>> >>>Regis >>> >>>Hugo de Paula wrote: >>> >>>>Hi all, >>>> >>>>Does anybody know of a matlab code for calculating the Articulation >>> >>Index >> >>>>given a pair of sound files: the first with the original recorded >>> > source > >>and >> >>>>the other the live recording? >>>> >>>>thank you, >>>> >>>>Hugo >>> > -- D. Sen, PhD

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