ICAD 2003 (July in Boston) Call for Papers (Barbara Shinn-Cunningham )

Subject: ICAD 2003 (July in Boston) Call for Papers
From:    Barbara Shinn-Cunningham  <shinn(at)BU.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 28 Aug 2002 22:51:16 -0400

--- PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS------------------ ICAD 2003 The 9th International Conference on Auditory Display Boston University, Boston, MA 7 - 9 July 2003 http://www.cns.bu.edu/~ICAD2003 email: ICAD2003(at)cns.bu.edu ICAD is the premier forum for presenting research on the use of sound to display information. ICAD is unique in both its breadth (encompassing all aspects of how sound and audio can be used to enhance user interfaces, display data, or monitor systems) and depth (its singular focus on audio). ICAD 2003, like its predecessors, will be a single-track conference. We invite psychoacousticians, musicians, engineers, computer scientists, designers, and anyone else investigating any aspect of auditory display (including technologies and algorithms, auditory perception and human factors, applications, and more) to come and participate in an intense, exciting, interdisciplinary discussion. --- SUBMISSIONS ---------------------------------- Submissions are sought covering all aspects of auditory display. Example topics include, but are not limited to: * auditory display in assistive technology * auditory display in consumer products * auditory icons and earcons * psychoacoustics and perception * sonification * sound design and aesthetics * sound synthesis and signal processing * spatial auditory displays SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE 31 January 2003 - Oral and poster presentations. A four-page full paper submission is required for all presentations, whether invited or contributed. Authors may specify their preference for oral or poster presentation. - Auditory display demonstrations. Interested parties should submit a two-page description of their proposed demonstration. (NOTE: Participants are expected to provide their own equipment/computers) All submissions will be peer-reviewed by an international committee of experts. Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings and online. Further information about submissions, conference schedule, invited speakers, social programs, registration, etc. will be posted on the ICAD 2003 web site as available: http://www.cns.bu.edu/~ICAD2003. --- ALSO ANNOUNCING ----------------------------- AUDITORY DISPLAYS IN ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES A special one-day Satellite Workshop of ICAD 2003 Boston University, Boston, MA 6 July 2003 http://www.cns.bu.edu/~ICAD2003/workshop.html Submissions will use the ICAD review mechanism. Authors should indicate that their submission is for the ICAD-AT workshop. Attendees may register for ICAD, the workshop, or both (at a reduced rate). Details will be posted on the ICAD 2003 web site http://www.cns.bu.edu/~ICAD2003. ICAD general web site: http://www.icad.org -- ICAD 2003 ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Barbara Shinn-Cunningham (General Chair) Boston University shinn(at)cns.bu.edu Abhijhit Kulkarni (Technical Program Chair) Bose Corporation Barry Blesser Blesser Associates Simon Carlile University of Sydney Nat Durlach Boston University and MIT Matti Gröhn Helsinki University of Technology Greg Kramer Metta Foundation Eric Somers SUNY Dutchess Bruce Walker Georgia Institute of Technology Elizabeth Wenzel NASA Ames TECHNICAL PROGRAM CONTACT FOR ICAD-AT WORKSHOP Ramani Duraiswami University of Maryland Ramani(at)umiacs.umd.edu

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