Musicians' use of hearing protectors (Ole Juhl Pedersen )

Subject: Musicians'  use of hearing protectors
From:    Ole Juhl Pedersen  <juhlp(at)KOEBENHAVN.MAIL.TELIA.COM>
Date:    Wed, 11 Sep 2002 09:57:42 +0300

For possible inclusion in the list: Subject: Can Musicians practice with hearing protectors? European governments are considering rules for musicians' mandatory use of hearing protectors during training, rehearsals and concerts - much in line with regulations for industrial workers. However, very little seems to be known of a crucial problem: How will the use of specially designed protectors affect the quality of performance for players of various instruments; e.g. strings, brass, woodwind, percussion? Singers, conductors? Any information, suggestions and comments on this and related problems will be welcomed by Ole Juhl Pedersen Associate prof. emeritus. Technical University of Denmark juhlp(at)

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