EXPT: participants needed in AI experiment (g )

Subject: EXPT: participants needed in AI experiment
From:    g  <gina.joue(at)UCD.IE>
Date:    Wed, 11 Sep 2002 19:40:42 +0100

++++ PLEASE HELP WITH EXPERIMENT ++++ We would very much like if you could take the time to participate in an online experiment: http://www.medialabeurope.org/research/anthropos/questionnaire.html * what plugins you may need: A viewer of .MOV clips (i.e. quicktime - link on site) * how long the experiment will take: About 10-15 minutes - there are 7 clips each of about 30 seconds in duration. Could you please spread the word to others who would be willing to go through the experiment? Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Brian. PS: Apologies if you receive this email more than once.

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