Re: Pitch orientation-discriminating feature detectors? (Laurent Demany )

Subject: Re: Pitch orientation-discriminating feature detectors?
From:    Laurent Demany  <Laurent.Demany(at)PSYAC.U-BORDEAUX2.FR>
Date:    Wed, 25 Sep 2002 15:28:35 +0200
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Dear Al and Pierre, Al wrote: On what scale were the frequency excursions? If it was a log-frequency scale, as I suspect it was, it is possible that the difference would disappear or be reversed if you swept up and down on a linear scale. What is the justification for the scale that you actually did use for the excursions? Answer: In all these experiments on FM perception, the ascending and descending glides were indeed symmetric on a LOG-frequency scale. It was decided to do so simply because the auditory scale of frequency is more similar to a log scale than to a linear scale. Using a linear scale rather than a log scale, what one would logically expect to find is a LARGER --rather than smaller-- perceptual asymmetry between frequency peaks and troughs. Pierre wrote: Stay away from citing articles published in the Journal of Auditory Research -- that "cabbage leaf" Comment: That's a bit harsh! Sometimes good papers are published in bad journals and vice versa. As a matter of fact, the Rupp paper quoted by Daniel is very interesting. Laurent Demany Laboratoire de Neurophysiologie, UMR CNRS 5543, BP 63, Université Victor Segalen - Bordeaux 2, 146 rue Leo Saignat, F-33076 Bordeaux Cedex, France Tel : (33) 5 5757 1651 or (33) 5 5757 1551 Fax : (33) 5 5699 0380 email : Laurent.Demany(at)

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