[AUD]: Michel Fingerhut: ISMIR proceedings for sale (Dan Ellis )

Subject: [AUD]: Michel Fingerhut: ISMIR proceedings for sale
From:    Dan Ellis  <dpwe(at)EE.COLUMBIA.EDU>
Date:    Sat, 19 Oct 2002 16:28:48 -0400

Dear List - Please see the enclosed message announcing availability of the ISMIR proceedings. DAn. ------- Forwarded Message From: "Michel Fingerhut" <Michel.Fingerhut(at)ircam.fr> Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 20:18:33 +0200 Organization: Ircam - Centre Pompidou Hello everyone, The proceedings (a book of 327 pages) and tutorial handouts of the ISMIR 2002 3rd International Conference on Music Information Retrieval can now be ordered through the URL: http://ismir2002.ircam.fr/order-form.pdf Information on the contents can be found on the conference web site (http://ismir2002.ircam.fr/program.html). Best regards, Michael Fingerhut ISMIR 2002 General Chair ------- End of Forwarded Message

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