Re: In search of an article (William L Martens )

Subject: Re: In search of an article
From:    William L Martens  <wlm(at)U-AIZU.AC.JP>
Date:    Fri, 15 Nov 2002 08:03:49 +0900

Dear Ju-Lee Hong, The last several years of JASA papers are all available online. Quickest access to B. Repp's papers is probably via the search engine: Typing "B. Repp" in the author field generates a list of his papers, the last five of which are in PDF format for printing (and the one you want is there). Regards, ------------------------------------------------------------------ William L. Martens, Ph.D. Associate Professor Multimedia Systems Lab URL: University of Aizu TEL: [+81](242)37-2791 Aizu-Wakamatsu 965-8580, Japan FAX: [+81](242)37-2731

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