Re: Precedence Effect (Suresh Krishna )

Subject: Re: Precedence Effect
From:    Suresh Krishna  <suresh(at)BRAHMS.CPMC.COLUMBIA.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:56:29 -0500

Huseyin wrote: >Secondly, Dr. Divenyi and Prof. Blauert state in a previous article (of >1992) that it may be tempting to explain precedence effect with a link to >monaural forward masking while they were unable to confirm such a link in >between at that time. I also wonder if there is any reference to research >after 1992 that investigated the topic. As far as I can see, presence of >such a link (if there exists such a thing in between at all!) would be a >good point of interest in terms of investigating precedence effect in the >musical domain. 1: Trahiotis C, Hartung K. Peripheral auditory processing, the precedence effect and responses of single units in the inferior colliculus. Hear Res. 2002 Jun;168(1-2):55-9. 2: Hartung K, Trahiotis C. Peripheral auditory processing and investigations of the "precedence effect" which utilize successive transient stimuli. J Acoust Soc Am. 2001 Sep;110(3 Pt 1):1505-13. hth, S.

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