Psychology of Music - January 2003 contents (Marianne Gill )

Subject: Psychology of Music - January 2003 contents
From:    Marianne Gill  <marianne.gill(at)SAGEPUB.CO.UK>
Date:    Tue, 17 Dec 2002 15:13:19 -0000

Psychology of Music -Journal of the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research Published by SAGE Publications from January 2003! To sign up to Future Content Alerts please visit our website Volume 31 Issue 01 - Publication Date: 1 January 2003 Editorial The development of intuitive musical understanding: a natural experiment Jeanne Bamberger Massachusetts Institute of Technology The role of self-efficacy in a musical performance examination: an exploratory structural equation analysis John McCormick and Gary McPherson University of New South Wales An investigation of members' roles in wind quintets Luan Ford and Jane W. Davidson University of Sheffield The perception of emotional expression in music: evidence from infants, children and adults Elizabeth S. Nawrot Minnesota State University Moorhead The effect of music on perceived atmosphere and purchase intentions in a restaurant Stephanie Wilson University of New South Wales Book Reviews Rowe, Robert, Machine Musicianship, reviewed by Jonathan Impett Miles, Tim and John Westcombe (eds), Music and Dyslexia: Opening New Doors, reviewed by Katie Overy

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