sound attenuation in ceilings ("Kevin L. Baker" )

Subject: sound attenuation in ceilings
From:    "Kevin L. Baker"  <klb(at)DMU.AC.UK>
Date:    Mon, 18 Feb 2002 21:53:17 +0000

Dear all, this isn't strictly a research based question, but if you don't mind... A friend of mine has bought an appartment in a large house in London - one of the many conversions of an old turn of century house. His appartment is on the ground floor and he can clearly hear his neighbours' footsteps and conversations from the floor above. Can anyone suggest how soundproofing/attenuation can be done simply and cost-effectively? or any web-sites of any use for further information? Best of all: UK companies specialising in appropriate solutions? Many thanks Kevin -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Baker, Course Leader: BSc(Hons) Human Psychology Senior Lecturer in Psychology Division of Psychology De Montfort University Phone: UK 0116 257 7761 (Direct Line) Scraptoft Phone: UK 0116 257 7756 (Secretary) Leicester FAX: UK 0116 257 7708 LE7 9SU WWW: England -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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