2nd Call for Papers SMAC 03! (Anders Friberg )

Subject: 2nd Call for Papers SMAC 03!
From:    Anders Friberg  <andersf(at)SPEECH.KTH.SE>
Date:    Mon, 20 Jan 2003 16:12:12 +0100

SECOND CALL CALL FOR PAPERS We heartily welcome YOU to attend the STOCKHOLM MUSIC ACOUSTICS CONFERENCE 2003 (SMAC 03) August 6 - 9, 2003 TOPICS SMAC 03 welcomes contributions from the entire field of music acoustics. More than 20 speakers have been invited to give overviews of key research areas in "classic" music acoustics, computer music science, and musical communication. Special Sessions on: - Instrument acoustics - Singing voice - Physics-based modeling - Musical communication: Instrument control Performance Perception WHAT SHOULD I DO? Have a look at the information about SMAC 03 at http://www.speech.kth.se/smac03 Submit an ABSTRACT ! Deadline 1 February 2003. http://www.speech.kth.se/smac03/#announc The Conference Registration and Hotel Reservation Service opens next week (including on-line payment). Looking forward to seeing you at SMAC 03! The Music Acoustics Group at the Dept. of Speech, Music and Hearing, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden Anders Askenfelt Erik Jansson Sten Ternstroem Anders Friberg Roberto Bresin Johan Sundberg

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