Re: AUDITORY Digest - 9 Mar 2003 to 11 Mar 2003 (#2003-58) (Jont Allen )

Subject: Re: AUDITORY Digest - 9 Mar 2003 to 11 Mar 2003 (#2003-58)
From:    Jont Allen  <jba(at)>
Date:    Wed, 12 Mar 2003 11:13:15 -0600

This was Flanagan's masters thesis. It was published in JASA (at)article{Flanagan51, author = {Flanagan, J. L.}, title = {Effect of delay distortion upon the intelligibility and quality of speech}, journal = JASA, volume = {23}, pages = {303-307}, month = may, year = {1951} } >> >>I've posted this message to the music-dsp list so apologies to >>anyone who recieves it twice (should have posted it here in the >>first place since its more appropriate). >> >>Consider the case where an audio signal is filtered into subbands >>and each subband is passed through a delay (of different duration >>for each subband) before recombination of subbands to produce a new >>signal. What would be the maximum permissible difference between the >>maximum and minimum delays so that the new signal is perceptually >>equivalent to the original? >> >>Regards, >> >>Dave. >>

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