[Q] physical meaning of the 'acoustic mass' (Ki-Young Park )

Subject: [Q] physical meaning of the 'acoustic mass'
From:    Ki-Young Park  <pkyoung(at)EEINFO.KAIST.AC.KR>
Date:    Mon, 17 Mar 2003 10:39:47 +0900

Dear, all I am a ph.d student on speech signal processing on the electrical engineering basis. I am working on auditory model now. During my work, I come across with the term 'acoustic mass' which comes from electroacoustics. I found some explanation on the acoustic mass, but still I can't understand the "physical" meaning of the 'acoustic mass' and why the unit of the 'acoustic mass' is kg/m^4. Is there simple explanation or web pages I can refer? Thanks.

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