perception of subharmonics (Chen-gia TSAI )

Subject: perception of subharmonics
From:    Chen-gia TSAI  <gia(at)SNAFU.DE>
Date:    Sun, 27 Apr 2003 13:10:52 +0800

Dear list, I am exploring the effect of the lowest two subharmonic components (f0/2 and 3f0/2) on the pitch perception. A sound file ( contains three tones A B C. It seems that B is an octave higher than A, and C is an octave higher than B. However, if we listen to AC, C is only an octave higher than A. For complex tones containing subharmonics, I use autocorrelation to estimate the pitch strength of f0 and f0/2. My first question is: are pitch models in frequency-domain also able to estimate the pitch strength of f0 and f0/2? My second question is: why the compound interval of two octaves (A-B and B-C) is equal to an octave (A-C)? Any suggestions and/or references are much appreciated. Chen-Gia Tsai gia(at)

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