Design and language for CASA implementation (Andrew Nesbit )

Subject: Design and language for CASA implementation
From:    Andrew Nesbit  <alnesbit(at)OPTUSHOME.COM.AU>
Date:    Tue, 29 Apr 2003 02:18:44 +1000

Dear List, I am currently in the process of designing an architecture for a CASA system for automatic transcription of music. I know that many people have used a blackboard architecture for this purpose and I have several examples of this from various journal articles, etc. However, I would also like to be exposed to _other_ sorts of architectures that have been used for CASA systems so that I can make a more informed decision about how to design mine. If anybody can give me any examples of this, then I would be very grateful. Furthermore, I am choosing an implementation language for this project. I am considering the following combinations: * Python with Numeric and SciPy extensions, plus C to implement any time-critical algorithms not covered in Numeric/SciPy. * Scilab plus C * Octave plus C (Matlab is out of the question due to cost.) Scilab has many signal processing modules available, whereas Python and Octave each have a more modest amount. However, I do greatly value the fact that Python is a much more of a "real" programming language than Scilab/Octave/Matlab. What languages have people on this list used? Can anybody share their experiences with me and offer some advice? Thankyou in advance. Andrew.

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