Ventriloquism aftereffect ! (Bernhard Laback )

Subject: Ventriloquism aftereffect !
From:    Bernhard Laback  <bernhard.laback(at)OEAW.AC.AT>
Date:    Fri, 3 Jan 2003 11:12:21 +0100

Dear List, We are planning an experiment involving the so-called "ventriloquism aftereffect", i.e. an enduring shift in the perception of the spatial location of acoustic stimuli after a period of exposure to spatially disparate and simulataneously presented acoustic and visual stimuli. We would like to know if, for a 3D-localization task, presenting the visual stimuli on a 2D-surface (indicating the stimulus position by means of a coordinate system or a perspective view with/without 3D-simulation on a computer monitor) and presenting the auditory stimuli via headphones (individually measured HRTFs), would initiate the "ventriloquism aftereffect". The main question is: Would 2D display of the visual stimuli, which is a somehow artificial and abstract presentation, lead to a "complete" remapping of auditory space, including stimulus locations in-between those presented in the training session, or would it just cause re-association of auditory locations with altered visual locations (for the specific locations tested in the training period, only)? Thanks in advance, Bernhard Laback -- *************************** Bernhard Laback, Ph.D. Acoustics Research Institute Austrian Academy of Sciences Liebigg. 5, A-1010 Wien Austria Tel.: 0043-1-4277-29514 Fax.: 0043-1-4277-9296 ***************************

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