Re: The Bach Choral Dilemma (Pierre Divenyi )

Subject: Re: The Bach Choral Dilemma
From:    Pierre Divenyi  <pdivenyi(at)EBIRE.ORG>
Date:    Tue, 28 Jan 2003 08:34:04 -0800

My favorite is the set by Pierre Fournier. I also recommend the Suites by Anner Bilsma, Rostropovich, Ma, and (of course) Casals. However, all of these cellists break up "streaming" whenever they feel that a prolonged bass note is indicated for structural and harmonic emphasis reasons. Because of his rhythmic vigor (which does favor streaming to arise), Ma is maybe the streamingest cellist. Strictly my opinion. Pierre Divenyi At 08:55 AM 1/28/2003 +0100, you wrote: >My wife has a recording of the cello suites by Morten Zeuter, a Danish >cellist, in which he pauses slightly before and after every bass note >and thereby destroys the streaming effect. I have always been annoyed by >that performance (I even think it got a Danish music award). Is there a >recommended recording of the cello suites? > >Best regards. >Sigurd Saue

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