Dyslexia and the Inferior Collliculus (Barbara Reynolds )

Subject: Dyslexia and the Inferior Collliculus
From:    Barbara Reynolds  <br_auditory(at)hotmail.com>
Date:    Mon, 8 Dec 2003 09:32:43 -0600

<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV class=RTE>Dear List:</DIV> <DIV class=RTE>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV class=RTE>I need information regarding pathophysiology at the level of the inferior colliculus in dyslexic patients.&nbsp; I know the presence of polymicrogyria is at the cortical level, and reduced cell sizes are also present at the cortical level, but is there any evidence of pathop. at IC?</DIV> <DIV class=RTE>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV class=RTE>Barb Reynolds.</DIV></div><br clear=all><hr> <a href="http://g.msn.com/8HMBENUS/2746??PS=">Winterize your home with tips from MSN House & Home.</a> </html>

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