Re: music listening styles (Julian Rohrhuber )

Subject: Re: music listening styles
From:    Julian Rohrhuber  <rohrhuber@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 2 Apr 2008 00:26:28 +0200

In film theory, there is, for instance, 'causal listening', 'semantic listening', and 'reduced listening', which Michel Chion [1] developed from Pierre Schaeffer's theory of acousmatic sound. The first refers to listening for a sound source, the second as listening to language-like sounds meaning and the third as a reflective stepping back. Reading philosophy of sound (e.g.[2, 3]), one can find that the question of "what is sound?" is answered in ways that correlate to possible modes of listening (proximal, medial, distal and aspatial theories, for instance). In my view, listening styles are bound to implicit assumptions about what one listens to. In music, this can be very abstract. [1] Chion, Michel (1994). Audio-Vision. Columbia University Press. [2] [3] O'Shaughnessy, B. (1957). The Location of Sound, Mind, 66, 471-90. best, Julian -- .

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