Re: human versus spectral resolution (Craig Atencio )

Subject: Re: human versus spectral resolution
From:    Craig Atencio  <craig@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 2 Apr 2008 15:20:18 -0700

This is just for the first part of your email, on time-frequency resolution. A useful reference would be the book Time-Frequency Analysis by Leon Cohen (1995; Prentice Hall PTR). The entirety of Chapter 3 focuses on the Uncertainty Principle. The book is concerned with most issues related to time-frequency distributions, though it does not include anything on wavelets. -Craig Michael Fulton wrote: > Could anyone please direct me to any literature on what are the > comparative limits of : > > 1) Time/frequency resolution for digital signal spectral analysis , as > (sort of) governed by Heisenberg's uncertainty principle with relation > to the duration, sampling rate, frequency content and bandwidth of the > sound. > > and > > 2) The limits of the ability of the human ear to distinquish between > frequency/pitch and the exact time location of sounds, more or less > the same task as above. > > Essentially,can a human ear outperform digital ( or even theoretical > analysis ) of sounds. > > Especially, in areas such as pitch discrimination and temporal > localisiation of events and not signal separation or some higher level > analysis of the sound. > > Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. > > Thanks in advance. > > M Fulron > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------ > News, Sports, Entertainment and Weather on your mobile. Text MSN to > 63463 Now. <> -- --------------------- Craig Atencio Department of Bioengineering UCSF/UCB W.M. Keck Center for Integrative Neuroscience UCSF 513 Parnassus Ave. HSE 834, Box 0732 San Francisco, CA, 94143-0732, USA office: 415-476-1762 (UCSF) fax: 415-476-1941 cell: 510-708-6346

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