Re: auditory hemi-neglect (Bruno Repp )

Subject: Re: auditory hemi-neglect
From:    Bruno Repp  <repp@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 24 Apr 2008 10:18:12 -0400

Peter: You might also want to look into Sophie Scott's research at UCL. I distinctly remember a paper of hers (It might have been in an edited book) in which she showed unilateral auditory neglect using a dichotic method. However, I cannot find the reference on her web site now. --Bruno Peter Lennox wrote: > Ah! that's excellent, thanks - I always thought that there would turn out to be some analogue. The next step would be to turn up an analogue for blindsight > > Dr. Peter Lennox > S.P.A.R.G. > Signal Processing Applications Research Group > University of Derby > > Int. tel: 3155 > >>>> "Dennis P. Phillips" <Dennis.Phillips@xxxxxxxx> 04/24/08 1:58 PM >>> >>>> > Hello Everyone: > > This is a followup to Peter Lennox's post of this morning, which > prompted the question of whether there is significant evidence for > auditory hemi-neglect. There are some older case studies which > describe what might be an auditory analog of visual hemi-neglect. > See, for example, KM Heilman & E Valenstein (1972, Auditory neglect > in man. Arch Neurol., 26: 32-35). Apparently, work on the topic is > ongoing. See L Spierer et al. (2007, Extinction of auditory stimuli > in hemineglect: Space versus ear. Neuropsychologia, 45: 540-551). I > hope that this helps. Kind wishes, > > Dennis > > -- Bruno H. Repp Haskins Laboratories 300 George Street New Haven, CT 06511-6624 Tel. (203) 865-6163, ext. 236 Fax (203) 865-8963

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