Re: good text for basic psychoacoustics? (Matt Flax )

Subject: Re: good text for basic psychoacoustics?
From:    Matt Flax  <flatmax@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Sat, 10 May 2008 09:30:59 +1000

Hi, I think Moore's book is a bit of a standard ... it is a good read... There is also : Psychoacoustics: Facts and Models (Springer Series in Information Sciences) By the all famous Zwicker and Fastl. Zwicker himself has had some excellent models of hearing ... which tend to be partially based. Matt On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 04:53:51PM -0400, Tufts, Jennifer wrote: > Dear List, > > I am prepping a course in introductory psychoacoustics and am soliciting list members' recommendations for a good text. The intended audience is first-year Au.D. students. These students are preparing for a career in clinical audiology and typically will have somewhat limited math skills. They will have a concurrent course in anatomy and physiology, so I don't need to cover that. Any recommendations? > > Thank you. > > Jennifer Tufts, Ph.D., CCC-A > Assistant Professor > University of Connecticut > Department of Communication Sciences > 850 Bolton Road, Unit 1085 > Storrs, CT 06269-1085 > (860) 486-4082 (office) > (860) 486-5422 (fax) > > -- ,dPYb,,dPYb, I8 IP'`YbIP'`Yb I8 I8 8II8 8I 88888888 I8 8'I8 8' I8 I8 dP I8 dP ,gggg,gg I8 ,ggg,,ggg,,ggg, ,gggg,gg ,gg, ,gg I8dP I8dP dP" "Y8I I8 ,8" "8P" "8P" "8, dP" "Y8I d8""8b,dP" I8P I8P i8' ,8I ,I8, I8 8I 8I 8I i8' ,8I dP ,88" ,d8b,_,d8b,_,d8, ,d8b,d88b,dP 8I 8I Yb,d8, ,d8b,dP ,dP"Y8, PI8"888P'"Y8P"Y8888P"`Y8P""Y8P' 8I 8I `YP"Y8888P"`Y8" dP" "Y8 I8 `8, I8 `8, I8 8I Public Projects : I8 8I I8, ,8' "Y8P'

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