EMUS - AGORA conference announcement, Paris, France, 2008 - Expressivity in Speech and Music - June 17th-18th, 2008 (Greg Beller )

Subject: EMUS - AGORA conference announcement, Paris, France, 2008 - Expressivity in Speech and Music - June 17th-18th, 2008
From:    Greg Beller  <Greg.Beller@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 2 Jun 2008 09:34:22 +0200

================================================================== Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message. ================================================================== Third EMUS Conference: Expressivity in MUsic and Speech http://recherche.ircam.fr/equipes/analyse-synthese/EMUS Conference on Expressivity in Speech and Music IRCAM, Paris, France, June 17th-18th, 2008, during AGORA music festival http://agora2008.ircam.fr/767.html?cycle=129&L=1 KEYWORDS: emotion, expressivity, prosody, music, acquisition, perception, production, interpretation, performance, cognitive sciences, neurosciences, acoustic analysis, linguistics, phonetics. DESCRIPTION: The analysis of expressivity in speech and musical performance has created two emerging multidisciplinary scientific research fields. The parallelism between different studies on the role of prosody (verbal and/or instrumental) in expressivity has caused new questions that touch both domains to surface. This symposium brings together experts from both the artistic and the scientific worlds and focuses on two major issues. Firstly, how is the expressivity that is found in both speech and music to be defined (what semantic field, what category)? Secondly, what acoustic elements common to both speech and music are necessary for the description of these expressivities? Composers, scientists, performers, and musicologists will all contribute to the debate. The two days of discussion being held at IRCAM are a part of the Expressivity in MUsic and Speech series (EMUS) being held in Lyon, Paris, and Campinas (Brazil). FRAMEWORK: This workshop will be the third event of a string dedicated to the relations between language and music: • May 5th: Prosody and Expressivity in Speech and Music (Speech Prosody 2008, Campinas, Brazil) • May 16th: Prosody, Babbling and Music (Ecole Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Lyon) • June 17-18th: Prosody of Expressivity in Music and Speech (IRCAM, Paris) • September 25-26th: Semiotics and microgenesis of verbal and musical forms (RISC, Paris). Our aim is to make links between several fields of research and create a community interested in the relations between music and language. The project will be materialized in a final publication of the keynote papers of those four events. This colloquium takes place during the June 2008 Agora Festival. As a counterpoint to this scientific colloquium, IRCAM is organizing - in collaboration with the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers (CNAM) - an evening event aimed towards a wider public. This event’s goal is to give an accessible overview of current musical and scientific research in the area of expressivity. PROGRAM: TUESDAY JUNE 17, 10:30AM — 12:30AM • Poster session TUESDAY JUNE 17, 2:30PM — 6PM • Klaus R. Scherer (Geneva « Emotion Research Group ») • Stefano Gervasoni (composer) • Jacqueline Vaissière (Paris-3 university/CNRS) • Marco Stroppa (composer) WEDNESDAY JUNE 18, 9:30 AM — 6PM • Patrik N. Juslin (Uppsala University) • Christophe d'Alessandro (LIMSI, CNRS) • Grégory Beller et Nicolas Obin (IRCAM, Sound Analysis/Synthesis) • Roberto Bresin (KTH) • Marcel Bozonnet (actor, director) • Jonathan Harvey (composer) • Bruno Bossis (OMF-Sorbonne University /Observatoire Musical Français) • Evdokija Danajloska (composer and performer) WEDNESDAY JUNE 18, 7PM ENCOUNTER WITH VOCAL MACHINERY Andrew Gerzso (Moderator/Ircam) • Georges Aperghis (composer) • Xavier Rodet (IRCAM, Sound Analysis/Synthesis) • Stefano Gervasoni (composer) • Jonathan Harvey (composer) Free entrance, limited to available seating THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, JUNE 19 AND 20, 8PM CONCERT: MACHINATIONS de Georges Aperghis SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Grégory Beller (IRCAM); Nicolas Obin (IRCAM); Xavier Rodet (IRCAM); ARTISTIC COMMITTEE: Andrew Gerzso (IRCAM); Florence Quilliard (IRCAM); ORGANISERS: IRCAM (Grégory Beller, Andrew Gerzso, Florence Quilliard, Xavier Rodet and Nicolas Obin) CONTACT : For questions/ suggestions about the workshop, please contact beller@xxxxxxxx We look forward to seeing you very soon at IRCAM. Best regards, Greg Beller

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