Re: wav file of English numbers (MARUI Atsushi )

Subject: Re: wav file of English numbers
From:    MARUI Atsushi  <marui@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Sun, 29 Jun 2008 18:24:00 +0900

Dear Nai, When I can't get good speech samples, I use text-to-speech feature on Mac OS X to generate speech. On terminal, you can write $ say 123 -o output.aiff to generate a sound file of a person saying "one hundred and twenty- three." Nice thing about using text-to-speech is that the sound has the constant emotion for all speech samples. Cheers, Atsushi -- MARUI Atsushi Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts On 2008/06/28, at 01:20, nai ding wrote: > Dear everyone on the list, > I need some clean 2 (or, 3) digit numbers in English. Does any open > database contain speech like this? > > Thanks in advance!! > Nai

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