Wanted: ASA accommodation in Paris this week ("steveng@xxxxxxxx" )

Subject: Wanted: ASA accommodation in Paris this week
From:    "steveng@xxxxxxxx"  <steveng@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Sun, 29 Jun 2008 18:51:41 -0400

Dear List, Marina Rose has asked that I post the message below. Please respond to her directly, either at the phone numbers listed below or to: m.m.rose@xxxxxxxx -Steve Greenberg ------------------- Dear friends, On very short notice, I can join the ASA meeting in Paris this week, but only from Wed. 2nd to Fri.4th July (inclusive). I need to do this "on a shoestring" (aka tight budget...) and would love to hear about cheap accommodation - or even room share (I snore only rarely I'm told by my husband...). OR, maybe if you can't make it or have to leave earlier than planned, I could take over your reservation (as long as affordable - I'll check the youth hostels, too...!) Ah, and if there's someone from the UK going by car and wants to share petrol costs, either way: I live in Oxford, and could join/exit at a ferry port, or anywhere with reasonable public transport links. (and if all fails I might just be the character who looks a bit clocharde...) With best wishes, Marina -------------------------------------------------------------------- mail2web LIVE – Free email based on Microsoft® Exchange technology - http://link.mail2web.com/LIVE

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