Audio genre, tag and cover song classification tasks at MIREX 2008 (Kris West )

Subject: Audio genre, tag and cover song classification tasks at MIREX 2008
From:    Kris West  <kw@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 8 Jul 2008 00:59:19 +0100

Hi All, Apologies for cross-postings. I've posted a proposal for Audio genre classification on the MIREX 2008 wiki at: We are intending to use two databases for evaluation this year, including a database of Latin music contributed by Carlos Silla (University of Kent, UK) and a database of a similar nature to that used last year. The Latin music database was recorded and labelled by experts from Carlos' home nation, Brazil. A poll has been posted on the genre classification wiki as to whether there is significant interest in the running of Artist identificaiton and classical composer identification tasks. We will have to establish whether Artist identificaiton is an appropriate task over the Latin music DB. Michael Mandel has also posted an interesting Audio tag classification task, based on data collected as part of the MajorMiner game, on the MIREX wiki, at: Finally, the Audio cover song identificaiton task will run again this, details can be found at: Further, discussion of these tasks should be conducted on the MIREX audio classification planning list (MRX-COM00). You can sign up at: Regards, Kris West

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