Postdoctoral Position in Speech Perception (David L Woods )

Subject: Postdoctoral Position in Speech Perception
From:    David L Woods  <dlwoods@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 21 Jul 2008 14:43:14 -0700

The Human Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory ( <>) is searching for a postdoctoral fellow to study basic mechanisms of phonological processing and speech perception. HCNLAB is affiliated with UC Davis and the VA Northern California and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Planned experiments involve the development of new assessments of phonological processing and the development of PC-based perceptual training paradigms to improve speech comprehension in noise. Additional experiments will evaluate the relationship between auditory short-term verbal memory and phonological processing abilities and will study the effects of perceptual learning on short-term memory in young and elderly normal subjects and in the hearing-impaired. Behavioral measures will be correlated with anatomical and functional characteristics of auditory cortex imaged using multimodal structural and functional brain imaging. The job involves close collaboration with international scientists, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows. */Job Availability:/* Immediate. */Job duration:/* 2-3 years. Salary: $45,000-$70,000 depending on experience. */QUALIFICATIONS. /*Successful candidates should have a strong background in speech perception, phonology, linguistics, auditory psychophysics, or auditory neuroscience (PhD required), a good publication record, familiarity with Windows and Linux operating systems, and some programming experience. Knowledge of neuropsychology, aging effects on the CNS, and advanced neuroimaging methods is desirable but not necessary. US citizenship preferred. Interested candidates should email a C.V., relevant publication, letter of intent, and the names of three references to: dlwoods@xxxxxxxx -- David L. Woods, Professor of Neurology, Dept. of Neurology,UC Davis, Chief, Clinical Neurophysiology and Chief, Research MRI, Neurology Service (127E), Bldg. R4, VANCHCS, 150 Muir Rd., Martinez, CA 94553 Tel (925) 372-2571, Fax (925) 229-2315 Email:dlwoods@xxxxxxxx Website:

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