Speech Levels in Various Noise Environments (Martin Braun )

Subject: Speech Levels in Various Noise Environments
From:    Martin Braun  <nombraun@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 2 Sep 2008 15:01:04 +0200

To the collective wisdom: Has someone perhaps got the pdf of the following EPA report: Pearsons, K.S., Bennet, R.L. and Fidell, S. Speech Levels in Various Noise Environments (Report No. EPA-600/1-77-025) Washington (1977) There is a link to the pdf of this paper on this site: http://www.nonoise.org/epa/title_S.htm#SpeechLevelsinVariousNoiseEnvironments Unfortunately, however, this pdf link is currently non-functional. I wrote to the webmaster of the site, but received no reply. Question: Has somebody perhaps downloaded the paper, when it was still possible? Many thanks in advance. Martin --------------------------------------------------------------------- Martin Braun Neuroscience of Music S-671 95 Klässbol Sweden web site: http://w1.570.telia.com/~u57011259/index.htm

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