new MLP (beta version) (Massimo Grassi )

Subject: new MLP (beta version)
From:    Massimo Grassi  <massimo.grassi@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 23 Sep 2008 09:44:26 +0200

Dear all, as previously announced a new version of the MLP toolbox is now (almost) ready. This new version should be considered a beta version as there might be still bugs that we haven't spot yet. However, we think that the new MLP is sufficiently sound for public testing. The two main improvements are: 1) it is now possible to provide feedback to the subject (in nAFC tasks); 2) it is now possible to change and permanently save the defaults parameters for each single experiment separately, including those programmed by the experimenter. In the previous version the changes in the parameters were saved only within the working session and they were general. Moreover, we added two new experiments inspired by a recent work by Hyde & Peretz (Psychological Science, 2004). Please refer to the usual link for the new version of the toolbox: Enjoy (and please report problems if any), m

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