Re: separating voices and music in movie scenes (Peter Lennox )

Subject: Re: separating voices and music in movie scenes
From:    Peter Lennox  <P.Lennox@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 28 Jan 2008 10:44:30 +0000

as i understand it, in 5.1 renderings of films, the voices remain in the centre channel and the music in the front stereo pair (with ambience and specials in surrounds) hence, for this material, they are already separated (if I'm right) - worth checking, and very easy to do so regards ppl Dr. Peter Lennox S.P.A.R.G. Signal Processing Applications Research Group University of Derby Int. tel: 3155 >>> Christian Kaernbach <auditorymail@xxxxxxxx> 27/01/2008 08:32 >>> Dear List, For a study on the emotional impact of movie scenes with and without music we would love to learn of possibilities to separate the voices of a dialog scene from the underlying music. We want to take classical movie scenes from DVD or the like and produce versions without music, or without dialog. Is there any ready-made software that could us help to do this? Or a set of software routines that we could use? Freeware would be preferable, but commercial software could be considered. The quality of the result is more important than the price (as long as it it reasonable). If algorithms are available but "way too complicated for you, you naive consumer-type end user", we would be happy to start a cooperation. Any hints welcome. Best, Christian Kaernbach

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