Backward masking (Katharine Mair )

Subject: Backward masking
From:    Katharine Mair  <k.mair@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 4 Dec 2008 15:59:47 -0000

I wonder whether anyone has copies of the following articles on backward masking by Samoilova they might be willing to send me? Samoilova, I.K. 1956. Masking effect of a strong sound stimulus on a previously applied weak one. Biofizika, 1, 79-97. Samoilova, I.K. 1959. Masking of short tone signals as a function of the time interval between masked and masking sounds. Biofizika, 4, 550-558. I'm not sure whether the original papers were in English or Russian... If Russian, I'd be even more grateful if anyone has an English translation! Many thanks, Katharine ************************************ Katharine Mair UCL, Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences Rm 326, Chandler House 2 Wakefield Street London WC1N 1PF e-mail: k.mair@xxxxxxxx

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