Re: Most apical inner hair cell (Martin Braun )

Subject: Re: Most apical inner hair cell
From:    Martin Braun  <nombraun@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 4 Feb 2008 16:15:03 +0100

Dear Robert and list, The answer is "we don't know". The reason is that physiological experiments with a healthy human cochlea would not be acceptable. So you might like to look for data from an animal that has a similar cochlear anatomy and a similar hearing range as humans. To my knowledge we do not have such data either. But maybe somebody else on this list can give a more definite answer. Martin --------------------------------------------------------------------- Martin Braun Neuroscience of Music S-671 95 Klässbol Sweden web site: ----- Original Message ----- From: "Robert Mannell" <robert.mannell@xxxxxxxx> To: <AUDITORY@xxxxxxxx> Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 6:59 AM Subject: Most apical inner hair cell > Dear list members > > I'm working on a computational model of auditory processing of speech and > wonder if anyone is aware of research/papers that examine the following > question:- > What is the CF of the most apical inner hair cell in a young healthy human > cochlea? > > regards > Robert Mannell >

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