Re: Sources of DPOAEs. (Martin Braun )

Subject: Re: Sources of DPOAEs.
From:    Martin Braun  <nombraun@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Fri, 20 Jan 2012 18:47:51 +0100

Dear Reinhart and others, in order to explain OAEs we do not need to assume traveling waves of any kind. A large number of lizard species with free-standing hair bundles produce spontaneous OAEs. These animals have no tectorial membrane and they do not generate traveling waves in their inner ears. For this reason, also DPOAEs in lizards are generated in the absence of traveling waves. As yet, nobody could demonstrate that DPOAEs in mammals are dependent on traveling waves. Some people like traveling waves. Even as sources of OAEs. But not all that we like exists in reality. Martin ------------------------------------------- Martin Braun Neuroscience of Music S-671 95 Klässbol Sweden email: nombraun@xxxxxxxx web site:

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