Re: Do dogs have absolute pitch? (Stefan Bleeck )

Subject: Re: Do dogs have absolute pitch?
From:    Stefan Bleeck  <bleeck@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 16 May 2012 09:20:53 +0100

I always assumed that perfect pitch is the default in animals, because its physiologically quite simple. It's the relative pitch that is difficult. Absolute pitch requires measuring the place of excitation (the better the more precise the pitch) or measuring the interval length between cycles. Relative pitch additionally needs a memory. The dog is amazing though! Stuart's 'clever Hans' analogy implies that the trainer gives some other hints that we cannot see (because of the camera), but I wouldn't think this is impossible for a dog to learn. Stefan On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 1:15 AM, Kevin Austin <kevin.austin@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > > > > > żż > > Kevin -- Dr. Stefan Bleeck Hearing and Balance Centre Institute of Sound and Vibration Research Faculty of Engineering and the Environment University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK Room 4093, Tizard building (13) bleeck@xxxxxxxx Tel.: 02380 596682

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