Closure and memorability / recognizability? (Song Hui Chon )

Subject: Closure and memorability / recognizability?
From:    Song Hui Chon  <shchon@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Sun, 22 Jan 2012 14:12:24 -0800

Dear list, We are in the process of designing an experiment, where subjects will listen to a short segment of counterpoint music (with 2- or 3-voices) and answer whether or not the probe melody was in the excerpt. The issue of memorability / recognizability came up in a discussion and we are wondering if there is any literature on "melody with or without closure and its effect on memorability or recognizability". A quick search on Google scholar was not very helpful. And music theorists we contacted were not aware of any such work. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks, SongHui Chon.

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