Re: Measuring frequency response ("Bruno L. Giordano" )

Subject: Re: Measuring frequency response
From:    "Bruno L. Giordano"  <brungio@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 27 Jun 2012 15:56:34 +0100

Dr. Gygi kindly pointed out that other people on the list might be interested in the responses I received :-) I received several replies in private messages. I hope the senders are not against having their suggestions shared. So: - Shintak Sherla suggested the swept-sine technique described in Farina (AES Proc., 2000), already posted to the list and available here: - Alain de Cheveigne', Sebastián Fingerhuth and Marcio Avelar recommended another paper on sweeps-based methods: Müller and Massarani (JAES, 2001) available here: - Björn Ohl suggested a method he developed for his MSc thesis based on the H1 estimator + pink noise (ref. below), and referenced the chapter by Müller in the Handbook of Signal Processing in Acoustics (Springer, 2008; Best, Bruno ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ohl, B. (2009). Externalization versus Internalization of Sound in Normal-hearing and Hearing-impaired Listeners. Master's thesis at the Centre for Applied Hearing Research, Technical University of Denmark. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bruno L. Giordano, PhD Voice Neurocognition Laboratory (CCNi, Glasgow Univ) & Affiliate member of Music Research Dept. (McGill Univ, Montréal) URL:

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