Perspectives on Rhythm and Timing, University of Glasgow (UK), 19-21 July 2012 (Rachel Smith )

Subject: Perspectives on Rhythm and Timing, University of Glasgow (UK), 19-21 July 2012
From:    Rachel Smith  <Rachel.Smith@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 3 Jul 2012 19:15:44 -0400

A three-day interdisciplinary workshop, Perspectives on Rhythm and Timing= =20 (PoRT), will be held from 19-21 July at the University of Glasgow, UK. Se= e=20 below for more information.=20 Online registration closes at midnight on 8 July. Day rates are available= .=20 Please visit the conference website to=20= access the registration page and programme.=20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------= -- WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Perspectives on Rhythm and Timing (PoRT) is a three= - day interdisciplinary workshop to be held at the University of Glasgow=20= from 19 to 21 July 2012. PoRT is intended as a forum for rhythm=20 researchers from a range of disciplines to debate and learn from each=20 other=92s theoretical and methodological advances. The work to be present= ed=20 ranges across neurobiology, musicology, linguistic phonetics, poetry,=20 forensics, computational modelling, psychology, clinical linguistics, and= =20 sociology.=20 KEY PAPERS:=20 Timing in talking: What is it used for, and how is it controlled? Alice Turk (University of Edinburgh) & Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel (MI= T) Speech rhythm: A mirage?=20 Francis Nolan & Hae-Sung Jeon (University of Cambridge) Resonating to rhythm=20=20=20 Edward W. Large (Florida Atlantic University)=20 Slave to the rhythm: The roles of auditory processing in speech productio= n Sophie K. Scott, Carolyn McGettigan & Zarinah Agnew (University Colle= ge=20 London)=20 Timing and prediction in audition: From sound to speech Sonja A. Kotz (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain=20 Sciences, Leipzig) Manifestations of rhythmic disorder across different tasks and measures i= n=20 speakers with dysarthria Anja Lowit (University of Strathclyde) WORKSHOP FORMAT: Each day of the event will have an orientation session,=20= with two invited talks on contrasting themes followed by a discussion by=20= one respondent. Research papers and posters will be presented in the=20 afternoons. Additionally, a tutorial on coupled oscillator modelling of=20= dynamical systems will be held on the third day. The provisional programm= e=20 can be downloaded from: ONLINE REGISTRATION: Registration closes at midnight on Sunday 8 July.=20= Registration costs GBP 135 (full rate)/GBP 115 (concessions). Day rates=20= are GBP 50/ GBP 40. Please visit to acces= s=20 the registration page. CONTACT: PoRT is organised by Tamara Rathcke and Rachel Smith (University= =20 of Glasgow). Contact the organisers at port.workshop@xxxxxxxx SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Fred Cummins (University College Dublin), Anja Lowi= t=20 (University of Strathclyde), Katie Overy (University of Edinburgh), Tamar= a=20 Rathcke (University of Glasgow), Rachel Smith (University of Glasgow)=20 SUPPORT: PoRT is funded by a Royal Society of Edinburgh Workshop=20 Award =91Rhythms in Scotland=92.=20 WEB: TWITTER: @xxxxxxxx=20

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