Re: Paper request: Lord Rayleigh 1907 ("Richard F. Lyon" )

Subject: Re: Paper request: Lord Rayleigh 1907
From:    "Richard F. Lyon"  <DickLyon@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Fri, 6 Jul 2012 14:42:41 -0700

Google books has it: Let me know if that doesn't work for you, and I can send a PDF (I'm not sure if my PDF came from there or elsewhere). Dick At 2:22 PM +0200 7/6/12, Mathieu Bernard wrote: >Dear list, > >I have been unable to find a (free) copy of the following document, >and I would be most grateful for some help: > >On our perception of sound direction, >Lord Rayleigh, >Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 13 (1907). > >Thank you very much in advance ! > >Best regards, >Mathieu Bernard >PhD Student, ISIR - UPMC

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