Fwd: Free U of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples (MIS) -- update (Kevin Austin )

Subject: Fwd: Free U of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples (MIS) -- update
From:    Kevin Austin  <kevin.austin@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Fri, 27 Jul 2012 09:37:24 -0400

Begin forwarded message: From: Lawrence Fritts <lawrence.fritts@xxxxxxxx> Subject: Free U of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples (MIS) Date: 2012 July 27 3:50:26 AM EDT July 2012 Iowa City, Iowa I would like to announce an update to the University of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples (MIS). Since 1997, these instruments, recorded note-by-note at three dynamics levels in an anechoic chamber, have been freely available without any restrictions on their use. There are now 23 orchestral instruments in the collection. Additionally, we have added a new set of strings recorded at 24/96 with three Earthworks QTC-40 wide-frequency mics arrayed in a Decca Tree formation. These can be download as either downsampled 16/44 mono chromatic scale files or as 24/96 stereo single-note files in zipped folders. These samples have been used by countless musicians, composers, hardware and software developers, teachers, students, and researchers, whose work appears in over 270 published articles and books. Please let me know if you have an questions, comments, or suggestions. Lawrence Fritts Associate Professor of Composition and Theory Director, Electronic Music Studios University of Iowa lawrence-fritts@xxxxxxxx http://theremin.music.uiowa.edu

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