M4 Music Mood Recommendation Survey (mathieu barthet )

Subject: M4 Music Mood Recommendation Survey
From:    mathieu barthet  <mathieu.barthet@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 21 Feb 2013 20:55:13 +0000

-------------------------------------- Apologies for potential cross-postings -------------------------------------- ** M4 Music Mood Recommendation Survey ** ** https://www.bbcarp.org.uk/m4/UserTrial ** [After a recent discussion on music and emotions on the music-dsp list following a call for another survey, I will add the following note to the present call for participation: This survey relies on the assumption that music may suggest or express emotions/moods in listeners. A large number of studies offer empirical evidence in support of this assumption. The survey will only make sense to you if you also support this assumption.] Dear all, This survey, done in collaboration with the BBC and I Like Music as part of our Making Musical Mood Metadata (M4) TSB project, aims to determine the effectiveness of mood (or emotion) matching of music tracks. It can be accessed here: https://www.bbcarp.org.uk/m4/UserTrial You will be presented with a random reference track (seed track) and four other tracks which may match the mood of the seed track. Please decide which track is the closest match to the seed track in terms of the mood it conveys. Ignore genre, instrumentation and so on, and just consider the actual mood (such as 'scary', 'happy', 'lonely', etc.). Listen to each track and then select which track is the best match with the seed. Feel free to listen to the seed track and the other tracks as many times as you wish. You can do the survey at your own pace, on any computer, using headphones or good quality speakers. If you are willing to participate, please complete at least 10 ratings, if possible. You can have as many goes as you like. Note that doing this survey is a nice way to (re)discover what is production music, that is the typical music used in film, television, radio and other media, as the tracks come from a large number of production music libraries. I remain at your disposal should you need additional information, report issues with the web interface, etc. Thanks in advance for your participation, Mathieu Barthet Postdoctoral Research Assistant Centre for Digital Music (Room 109) School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Queen Mary University of London Mile End Road, London E1 4NS Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 7986 - Fax: +44 (0)20 7882 7997 E-mail: mathieu.barthet@xxxxxxxx http://www.elec.qmul.ac.uk/digitalmusic/

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