[AUDITORY] 2nd CfP for CMMR 2013 (15 - 18 October - Marseille) - "Sound, Music and Motion" - New Keynotes Speakers (Etienne THORET )

Subject: [AUDITORY] 2nd CfP for CMMR 2013 (15 - 18 October - Marseille) - "Sound, Music and Motion" -  New Keynotes Speakers
From:    Etienne THORET  <thoret@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 29 Apr 2013 17:33:48 +0200

Apologies for cross-postings, please distribute ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2nd Call for contributions 10th International Symposium on Computer Music Modelling and Retrieval/ Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research 2013 'Sound, Music & Motion' October 15th to 18th 2013, CNRS - Laboratoire de Mecanique et d'Acoustique, Marseille, France Conference website: http://www.cmmr2013.cnrs-mrs.fr ------------------------------------------------------------------------ LATEST NEWS! We are happy to announce that the 3 internationally renowned=20 personalities Jean-Claude Risset, Marcelo M. Wanderley and Norbert=20 Corsino have accepted to be keynote speakers of the CMMR2013 and=20 additional speakers are soon to be revealed. The CMMR 2013=82 'Sound, Music & Motion' will take place in Marseille,=20 CNRS-LMA, October 15th-18th 2013. This year CMMR celebrates its 10th=20 anniversary. For this special occasion the symposium will be held in=20 Marseille, the European Capital of Culture 2013=20 (http://www.mp2013.fr/?lang=3Den). CMMR2013 is organized by the CNRS - Laboratoire de Mecanique et=20 d'Acoustique (LMA) and Ubris Studio in partnership with the Institut des=20 Sciences du Mouvement (ISM), Laboratoire d'Analyse, Topologie,=20 Probabilite (LATP), ASTRAM, the research lab associated to the Sciences,=20 Arts et Techniques de l'Image et du Son (SATIS) department, and n+n=20 corsino. As usual, contributions in all the topics covered by CMMR are welcome=20 but contributions related to the conference theme 'Sound, Music and=20 Motion' will be strongly encouraged this year. The notion of motion is=20 important in any field related to sound and music, since it can be=20 studied from different standpoints spanning from physics to perceptual=20 and cognitive considerations, and from scientific to artistic approaches. All the CMMR gatherings have resulted in post symposium proceedings=20 built up from selected peer-reviewed papers and published by Springer=20 Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences Series (LNCS 2771, LNCS=20 3310, LNCS 3902, LNCS 4969, LNCS 5493, LNCS 5954, LNCS 6684, LNCS 7172),=20 and this is also planned for CMMR 2013. Several types of contributions can be submitted to CMMR 2013: - scientific papers (for oral or poster sessions) - demonstrations and installations - music Topics Original contributions are encouraged in, but not limited to, the=20 following topics: - Sound, Music and motions (e.g. analysis, retrieval, synthesis,=20 composition, performance, music for images) - Gestural control of sound synthesis - Musical gesture analysis - Augmented musical instruments - Musical interfaces - Musically inspired HCI - Mapping & Sonification - Computational musicology - Auditory perception and cognition - Virtual reality, augmented reality and human-computer interaction=20 related to music - Digital music libraries - User studies (e.g. ethnography, usability of music software) - New methods for music representation and visualization - Retrieval and music recommendation tools - Intelligent music tutoring systems - Music games and interactive learning - Music production and composition tools - Structuring of audio data - Cooperative music networks - Analysis, recognition, comparison, classification, and modeling of=20 sound and music - Music and sound data mining - Sound synthesis - Optical music recognition - Semantic web music technologies - Sound source separation - Music structure analysis - Music transcription - Artificial intelligence and cognitive science for sound and music Submission Procedures to submit papers is detailed in the Author instruction &=20 Submission section on the CMMR 2013 website. Submitted papers must be=20 camera-ready conforming to the format specified on the CMMR 2013 website. Important dates: Paper submission deadline June 15th 2013 Demo submission deadline June 15th 2013 Notification of acceptance July 15th 2013 Camera-ready copy deadline September 1st 2013 Music submission deadline July 1st 2013 For general inquiries, please contact the conference general chairs=20 using the following email address: cmmr2013-chairs@xxxxxxxx For inquiries regarding paper submissions, please contact the paper and=20 program chairs using the following email address: cmmr2013-program@xxxxxxxx For inquiries regarding music submissions, please contact the music=20 chair using the following email address: cmmr2013-music@xxxxxxxx Please forward this call to interested parties. We are looking forward to your contributions ! Symposium chair Richard Kronland-Martinet, CNRS-LMA Paper, program and proceedings chairs Mitsuko Aramaki, Solvi Ystad, Olivier Derrien, CNRS-LMA Demonstration and Installation Chairs, Charles Gondre & Gaetan Parseihian, CNRS-LMA Music Chair Jacques Diennet, UBRIS Studio, Marseille Communication and Sponsoring Chairs Etienne Thoret & Simon Conan, CNRS-LMA --=20 Ph.D Student LMA - CNRS - UPR 7051 thoret@xxxxxxxx http://etiennethoret.free.fr

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