[AUDITORY] auditory cognition summer school (Rainer Beutelmann )

Subject: [AUDITORY] auditory cognition summer school
From:    Rainer Beutelmann  <rainer.beutelmann@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 22 May 2013 09:19:31 +0200

*Auditory Cognition Summer School 2013* *27 June =E2=80=93 1 July at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study in De= lmenhorst* *Information on the Web: www.acsummerschool.org* The third international summer school =E2=80=9EAuditory Cognition=E2=80=9C= will be held=20 at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study in Delmenhorst (near Bremen)=20 from 27 June to 1 July 2013. This institute, the collaborative research=20 center =E2=80=9CThe Active Auditory System=E2=80=9D and the cluster of ex= cellence=20 =E2=80=9CHearing4all=E2=80=9D sponsor the five-day summer school that pro= vides overview=20 lectures, in-depth discussions and hands-on tutorials by an=20 internationally renowned faculty. This year=E2=80=99s summer school focuses on three topics: =C2=B7Binaural processing and the analysis of auditory scenes (Rainer=20 Beutelmann, Mathias Dietz, Georg Klump, Andrej Kral, Dan Tollin) =C2=B7Neurophysiological correlates of auditory scene analysis (Alexandra= =20 Bendixen, Stefan Debener, Mark Sch=C3=B6nwiesner, Marten de Vos) =C2=B7Modeling the processes in auditory scene analysis (Tjeerd Andringa, Sue Denham, Istvan Winkler) We invite master and PhD students as well as postdoctoral fellows to=20 participate in the summer school. Upon request certificates for the=20 participation in the course can be provided. The registration fee covers the cost for a hotel room (6 nights, double=20 occupancy), all meals, and the course material. Registration is 600 =E2=82= =AC=20 for post-docs, 500 =E2=82=AC for PhD students and 400 =E2=82=AC for Maste= r students. For=20 up to three Master students a stipend for waving the registration fee=20 can be provided. Applicants for a stipend must describe their current=20 research (1-2 pages) and future career plans and submit this statement=20 together with the web-based registration. Generally, a statement of=20 motivation for participation in the course must be submitted as part of=20 the application. If we receive more applications than we can=20 host/support in the course, the motivation statements will be used to=20 grant the participation. The *deadline for application is 7 June 2013*. Applications submitted=20 before the deadline will be processed immediately and confirmed. To=20 download the application form that shall be sent via email, please go to=20 the website www.acsummerschool.org. Upon acceptance of the application=20 it is necessary to immediately pay the registration fee to secure=20 accommodation.

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