[AUDITORY] SoundSoftware 2013: Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research (Luis Figueira )

Subject: [AUDITORY] SoundSoftware 2013: Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research
From:    Luis Figueira  <luis.figueira@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 13 Jun 2013 16:49:11 +0100

Dear AUDITORY list members, The programme and timings for the workshop are now available at the link = below. Please note the new registration deadline of the 19th June - if = you'd like to attend, please register as soon as possible! Hope this is of interest and please accept my apologies for potential = cross postings.=20 Many thanks! Luis Figueira soundsoftware.ac.uk *** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION *** SoundSoftware 2013: Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music = Research Queen Mary University of London 26 June 2013 http://soundsoftware.ac.uk/soundsoftware2013 **** Registration Deadline: 19 June 2013 *** Software and data have increasingly become an integral part of our = research in the audio and music community. In the process, the way that we do = research in this field is changing, with methods and software becoming = increasingly complex, and reliable datasets becoming increasingly important. The second SoundSoftware.ac.uk one-day workshop on "Software and Data = for Audio and Music Research" will include talks and discussions on issues = such as robust software development for audio and music research, reproducible = research, management of research data, and open access. While our project is concentrating on the audio and music research = community, we believe many of these issues will have wider interest, and we want to = link with other communities for which proper handling of research software = and data are important. Confirmed speakers: Nick Barnes (Climate Code Foundation) Angus Hewlett (FXpansion) Rebecca Stewart (Codasign) Mahendra Mahey (British Library, BL Labs) Jamie Bullock (Birmingham Conservatoire) Bryan Pardo (Northwestern University) Luis Figueira (SoundSoftware.ac.uk) Mathieu Barthet (Queen Mary, University of London) Registration for this workshop is free, but delegates must register to secure a place. To register, and for further information about the workshop, please = visit: http://soundsoftware.ac.uk/soundsoftware2013 You may also like to refer to the programme and footage from last year's event, at http://soundsoftware.ac.uk/soundsoftware2012. Note also that this workshop is the day after the "Listening in the = Wild" workshop, also at Queen Mary; delegates may be interested in attending both. See http://listeninginthewild.eventbrite.co.uk/.

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