Re: sound card recommendations (Bob Masta )

Subject: Re: sound card recommendations
From:    Bob Masta  <audio@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Sun, 6 Jan 2013 08:17:20 -0500

I'm a Windows guy, so I'm not speaking with authority here, but I think you will find that current Apple computers can easily handle your needs. A quick Google search turns up bit depths to 24 and sample rates to 96000 for MacBook Pro. Also, a client a few years back used my Windows-only software on the Mac Minis already in the lab. This was no problem using Boot Camp to load XP. The default sound was 16-bit 48000 Hz, but could be set higher by dialog-diving in Windows Control Panel. There is surely something equivalent in the normal Apple OS. Best regards, Bob Masta -------------------- On 4 Jan 2013 at 13:36, Josh McDermott wrote: > Dear list, > > I am looking to start running psychoacoustics experiments on Apple > desktop and laptop computers, and I would be grateful for > recommendations of sound cards that can be used for high fidelity > playback of waveforms, e.g. from the Psych Toolbox in Matlab. I have > not tested the sound cards that come with current Apple computers, but > I presume I am better off going with an external card. I am presenting > sounds to humans, so 48kHz and 24 bits should be sufficient. Thanks in > advance for any suggestions. > > Happy new year, > > Josh Bob Masta D A Q A R T A Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis Scope, Spectrum, Spectrogram, Signal Generator Science with your sound card!

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