Re: [AUDITORY] MIDI Drum Pads: Delay and temporal resolution (Joachim Thiemann )

Subject: Re: [AUDITORY] MIDI Drum Pads: Delay and temporal resolution
From:    Joachim Thiemann  <joachim.thiemann@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 20 Jun 2013 11:04:17 +0200

Hello, to get the lowest possible latency while still running everything on a bog-standard PC, why not glue a microphone to something like a drum skin, and feed the signal to the sound card input? You'll be down to the buffering delay of the sound card, which may be changeable in the OS; it's cheap and portable. Put the gain high enough, detect taps by simple thresholding. Max/MSP could be used easily, though I don't know what latency that would introduce. Makes it easy to control and record time differences. Someone down at CIRMMT down on Sherbrooke Str. can probably help you. Maybe one of Philippe Depalle's or Marcelo Wanderley's students? Cheers, Joachim. On 17 June 2013 18:19, Benjamin Schultz <benjamin.schultz@xxxxxxxx> w= rote: > Dear Auditory List, > > > > I am currently looking at purchasing a MIDI Drum Pad for experimental > research involving finger tapping. There appears to be very little > information regarding how much of a time delay there is between the pads > being tapped and the sound being produced (via external MIDI devices or t= he > drum pad=92s internal sequencer). > > > > I=92m looking to have the smallest time delay possible (sub-millisecond w= ould > be ideal). Does anyone have any advice about the best device to use and w= hat > kinds of time delays I should expect from the device? Their unit of pulse= s > per quarter note does not appear to be very informative. > > > > Kind regards, > > > > Dr. Benjamin G. Schultz > > Post-doctoral Fellow > > > > Sequence Production Lab > > McGill University > > Stewart Biology Building > > 1205 Dr. Penfield Ave., Montreal H3A 1B1 > > Montreal, Quebec H3A 1B1 > > Canada > > Tel.: 514-398-5270 > > Fax: 514-398-4896 > > > > Email: benjamin.schultz@xxxxxxxx > > > > --=20 Joachim Thiemann :: ::

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