[AUDITORY] JOB: Post-doc on "Sound-Producing Actions" (Oslo) (Alexander Refsum Jensenius )

Subject: [AUDITORY] JOB: Post-doc on "Sound-Producing Actions" (Oslo)
From:    Alexander Refsum Jensenius  <a.r.jensenius@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 20 Jun 2013 22:03:56 +0200

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (up to 3 years) "Sound-Producing Actions" University of Oslo, Department of Musicology, fourMs lab http://uio.easycruit.com/vacancy/982967/62048?iso=3Dno ## Description ## One postdoctoral research fellowship is available at the Department of=20 Musicology for work within the fourMs research project. fourMs is an=20 interdisciplinary research project with participation of the Departments=20 of Musicology, Informatics and Psychology at the University of Oslo. As=20 suggested by the acronym of the four M=92s, Music, Mind, Motion, and=20 Machines, the project is focused on the relationships between body=20 motion, mind and technology in music, and is strongly interdisciplinary=20 in its approach and activities. See the fourMs website for more informati= on: http://www.fourms.uio.no The fellowship is within the area of sound-producing actions, broadly=20 defined as body motion that produces sound in interaction with various=20 instruments and/or by the human vocal apparatus. Applicants should have=20 competence within one or more relevant areas for research on sound=20 producing actions such as motion capture, processing and classification=20 of motion capture data, biomechanics, motor control, and, more=20 generally, embodied music cognition. Familiarity with basics of musical=20 acoustics and sound synthesis would be an additional advantage in view=20 of modeling the links between sound-producing actions and the resultant=20 sound. The postdoctoral fellow shall work closely together with the=20 other researchers in the fourMs group, taking part in joint studies,=20 experiments, publications and dissemination efforts, including both=20 scientific and more artistic and practice-related sub-projects. The main purpose of the post-doctoral research fellowship is to qualify=20 for work in top academic positions within their disciplines. The=20 postdoctoral fellowship period is three years. The position entails a=20 10% compulsory workload per year of teaching and supervision duties.=20 Please see regulations concerning other conditions of employment for=20 research fellowship positions. The proposed starting date for the=20 fellowship is fall 2013. ## Qualifications and Personal Skills ## In assessing the applications, special emphasis will be placed on the=20 quality and extent of previous research, relevance of scientific=20 qualifications for the announced fellowship position and personal=20 qualifications for team-work and international collaboration, the=20 quality of the project description, and on the assumed academic and=20 personal ability on the part of the candidates to complete the project=20 within the given time frame. ## Requirements ## - A PhD degree in an area of relevance for research on sound-producing=20 actions. - The doctoral dissertation must have been submitted for evaluation by=20 the closing date of the application. ## We offer ## - salary level 57 - 64 (NOK 473 400 - 538 700, depending on level of=20 expertise) - Broad training possibilities within a stimulating academic environment - Attractive welfare arrangements - Favorable pension arrangement ## Submissions ## Applicants must submit the following attachments with the electronic=20 application, preferably in pdf format: - letter of application - Curriculum Vitae - list of publications - project description of 3 - 5 pages, including a schedule of=20 activities. The project description must clarify how the applicant will=20 approach the post-doctoral project theme theoretically and methodically,=20 and specify how the project will be completed within the given time frame Applicants who graduated at a foreign higher education institution are=20 expected to submit an explanation of their institution=92s grading system= .=20 Please be aware that all documents should be in English or a=20 Scandinavian language. Please also refer to the Regulations concerning=20 Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships. Qualified and short-listed applicants will be invited for an interview. The University of Oslo has an agreement for all employees, aiming to=20 secure rights to research results. According to the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act, information about=20 an applicant may be included in the public list of applicants, even if=20 non-disclosure has been requested. The University of Oslo aims to achieve a balanced gender composition in=20 the workforce and to recruit people with ethnic minority backgrounds. ## General ## Application deadline: 5 August 2013 Expected Start Date: Fall 2013 Reference number: 2013/6355 Contacts: Administrative Head of Department Ellen Wingerei Telephone: +47 22 84 44 28 fourMs project leader Professor Rolf Inge God=F8y Telephone: +47 22 85 40 64 Head of Department Alexander Refsum Jensenius Telephone: +47 22 84 48 34 http://uio.easycruit.com/vacancy/982967/62048?iso=3Dno --=20 Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Ph.D. Head of Department Department of Musicology University of Oslo http://www.hf.uio.no/imv/english/

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