[AUDITORY] Research Scientist Position for up to 6 years ("Akademischer Rat", Post-Doc) ("Seeber, Bernhard" )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Research Scientist Position for up to 6 years ("Akademischer Rat", Post-Doc)
From:    "Seeber, Bernhard"  <seeber@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 11 Jul 2013 20:54:00 +0000

Dear List, we are inviting applications to fill a key position in our team with an exp= erienced, post-doctoral research scientist. Research will focus on one or m= ore of the following areas: psychoacoustics; models of auditory and neurona= l processing in the normal and impaired ear; auditory brain-computer interf= aces; signal processing for hearing devices, audio technology, and the synt= hesis of sound fields; sound quality. The position is full time and will be= available from 11 November 2013. Depending on the candidate's qualificatio= n we offer the opportunity to build a (junior) research team and help with = obtaining external funding. The position is thus suited for a candidate wan= ting to establish themselves in academia through developing a research port= folio and by gaining experience in teaching. The position is also suited fo= r a post-doctoral candidate intending to do research in our core areas. We offer you to join a recently founded, dynamic, interdisciplinary team, t= o work with up-to-date technical equipment and to extend your skills in adv= anced methods of hearing research. Our close interaction within the Bernste= in Centre for Computational Neuroscience Munich (www.bccn-munich.de), the H= earing Research Network Munich (www.imetum.tum.de/hoeren/), and the EuroTec= h GreenTech Initiative (www.eurotech-universities.org) as well as our exten= sive cooperation with industry and with local and international scientific = partners creates an attractive environment with excellent perspectives for = personal development.=20 Munich - the city famous for the Oktoberfest, high-end cars and its unique = location to the Alps - is a bustling, international and interesting place t= o live which offers a wide range of opportunities to engage in cultural and= leisurely activities - from opera to skiing. Employment can occur either as a state appointee ("Akademischer Rat, Beamte= r", step A13) or according to the state employees salary scheme (TV-L/E13) = and is limited to a maximum of 6 years. Women are explicitly encouraged to = apply. Severely handicapped persons will be favoured if they are equally qu= alified. In principle, the position could also be filled in part time.=20 Interested?=20 I am looking forward to answering your questions on the phone (+49 89 289 2= 8282, after my return from CIAP on 24 June) or by email. Please send your a= pplication (cover letter stating research interests, CV, list of publicatio= ns) preferably by email no later than 15 August 2013 to:=20 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Seeber=20 Associated Institute for Audio Information Processing=20 Technische Universit=E4t M=FCnchen=20 Arcisstrasse 21=20 80333 Munich, Germany=20 Email: aip@xxxxxxxx=20 For further information about our group and the post, including qualificati= on requirements, please visit www.aip.ei.tum.de Kind regards, Bernhard Seeber -- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard U. Seeber Audio Information Processing Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology=20 Technische Universit=E4t M=FCnchen=20 Arcisstrasse 21 D-80333 Munich, Germany Office: +49 89 289-28282 Fax: +49 89 289-28211 Mobile: +49 (0)174 928 6338 Visitors: Theresienstrasse 90, building N5, room N6504 Web: www.aip.ei.tum.de www.bseeber.de

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