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Subject: Re: [AUDITORY] PESQ and other speech quality algorithms
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Date:    Thu, 25 Jul 2013 08:41:44 +0200

Dear All, I would to expose my own example since I use PESQ and other speech = quality algorithms for several years. First, as Graham already mentioned, you can publish your PESQ = estimations if you use this algorithm for research purposes (not commercial). For = instance, I worked several years at Orange Labs where I used a licensed PESQ to publish my own research. Then, I moved to a university where I used the = free version of PESQ. Another important point; Stefan, are you sure that Loizou's PESQ implementation fulfill the PESQ implementation guide (ITU-T Rec. = P.862.3)? If you did not check that (which takes time since you need the databases included in the ITU-T Suppl. 23), you cannot really publish your result = as PESQ estimations. In any case, I think that it is not allowed to publish a Matlab version = of the PESQ algorithms. I would propose to any person interesting to use = PESQ to download the ITU C-code, to compile it and to verify is correct implementation. Last, for any other person you are interested in free speech quality algorithms, you can use the following ones: - Frequency weighted segmental SNR - Enhanced Modified Bark Spectral Distortion (EMBSD) - Weighted Spectral Slope (WSS) See an evaluation of these algorithms there: N. C=F4t=E9, V. Gautier-Turbin, and S. M=F6ller, =93Evaluation of = instrumental quality measures for wideband-transmitted speech,=94 in Proc. 8th ITGFachtagung Sprachkommunikation, Aachen, Germany, October 8=9610 2008. [Online]. Available : = Best regards, Nicolas C=F4t=E9 -- Nicolas C=F4t=E9 Institut d'=C9lectronique de Micro=E9lectronique et de Nanotechnologie = (IEMN) Institut Sup=E9rieur de l'=C9lectronique et du Num=E9rique (ISEN) 41, boulevard Vauban - 59046 Lille Tel : +33(0)3 59 57 44 26 Fax : +33(0)3 20 30 40 51 ----------------------------------------------------------- -----Message d'origine----- De=A0: AUDITORY - Research in Auditory Perception [mailto:AUDITORY@xxxxxxxx De la part de Paris Smaragdis Envoy=E9=A0: jeudi 25 juillet 2013 06:39 =C0=A0: AUDITORY@xxxxxxxx Objet=A0: Re: [AUDITORY] PESQ Hi Stefan, As I understand it, the licenses you point to are either for developing/using your own implementation of PESQ, or for using the = official implementation. If you use a third party implementation it is their responsibility to obtain the proper licenses, not yours. Perhaps Graham, = can help clarify Opticom's position on this. Paris On Jul 24, 2013, at 5:44 AM, Stefan Bleeck <bleeck@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > Dear Omid, your doubt qualifies you as a scientist :) I could not > believe it either... > Here is the web site: > >=20 > These are the exact numbers (obtained from Opticom by email): > PEXQ SW Suite incl. POLQA (executable) regular is 8.900,00 EUR ./. > academic discount 30 %. (To clarify: it's a one-off, not per annum) It > was made clear to me that I cannot publish results obtained using my > PESQ code in an academic journal without a license. >=20 > The algorithms are freely available (I got them from Loizou's > fantastic "speech enhancement" book), but that apparently doesn't mean > that we can use them for free... >=20 > All of that now raises the question: what is the best speech quality > algorithm that we can use for free. My current favourite: segSNR. But > I am not sure any more that this actually IS free. What do you think? >=20 > Stefan >=20 >=20 >=20 >=20 >=20 >=20 > On 24 July 2013 05:44, Sadjadi, Omid <sadjadi@xxxxxxxx> wrote: >> Can you point us to the document that has this information? I highly doubt this. >>=20 >> The paper describing PESQ is publicly available (to IEEE members), = which means everyone can implement and use this metric: >>=20 >> A.W. Rix, J.G., Beerends, M.P. Hollier and A.P. Hekstra, "Perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ)-a new method for speech quality assessment of telephone networks and codecs," in Proc. IEEE ICASSP, Salt Lake City, UT, May 2001, pp.749-752. >>=20 >> Omid >> ________________________________________ >> From: AUDITORY - Research in Auditory Perception [AUDITORY@xxxxxxxx on behalf of Stefan Bleeck [bleeck@xxxxxxxx >> Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 9:43 AM >> To: AUDITORY@xxxxxxxx >> Subject: [AUDITORY] PESQ >>=20 >> I just found out that the _academic_ use of PESQ (perceptual >> evaluation of speech quality, ITU recommendation P.862), that is >> described with MATLAB source code in Loizou's Speech Enhancement >> book, requires a license that costs around $7000 per year. I write >> this as a warning for others against using it (unless you happen to >> have the spare cash), because we didn't know this and did a lot of >> work with it that we now can't publish. >>=20 >>=20 >> -- >> Dr. Stefan Bleeck >> Hearing and Balance Centre >> Institute of Sound and Vibration Research >> Faculty of Engineering and the Environment >> University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK >> Room 4093, Tizard building (13) >> bleeck@xxxxxxxx Tel.: 02380 596682 >=20 >=20 >=20 > --=20 > Dr. Stefan Bleeck > Hearing and Balance Centre > Institute of Sound and Vibration Research > Faculty of Engineering and the Environment > University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK > Room 4093, Tizard building (13) > bleeck@xxxxxxxx Tel.: 02380 596682

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