[AUDITORY] POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in cochlear-implant processing ("Brown, Christopher A" )

Subject: [AUDITORY] POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in cochlear-implant processing
From:    "Brown, Christopher A"  <cbrown1@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 29 Jul 2013 16:37:19 -0400

A 2-year post-doc position is available in my lab at the University of=20 Pittsburgh. The project involves improving speech understanding by users=20 of cochlear implants. The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in neuroscience, experimental=20 psychology, engineering, audiology/hearing science, or a related=20 discipline, and have an interest in cochlear implants, psychoacoustics,=20 combined electric-acoustic stimulation, and/or binaural hearing. No=20 particular skill set is required. The position is funded by the NIDCD. For best consideration, application=20 materials should be received by August 31, 2013, but applications will=20 be accepted until the position is filled. The start date is flexible. Applicants should submit a cover letter, CV, and the names and contact=20 information of 2-3 references. Please send application materials by=20 email to me at cbrown1 -at- pitt.edu --=20 Christopher Brown, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Dept of Communication Science and Disorders University of Pittsburgh 4033 Forbes Tower Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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