[AUDITORY] Research Audiologist Position at NYU School of Medicine ("Neuman, Arlene" )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Research Audiologist Position at NYU School of Medicine
From:    "Neuman, Arlene"  <Arlene.Neuman@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 14 Aug 2013 14:49:59 +0000

NYU School of Medicine is seeking a Research Audiologist to facilitate our = research efforts in the areas of cochlear implants, hearing aids, speech pe= rception, and perceptual learning. The candidate should have M.A., Au.D., o= r Ph.D. in Audiology, and eligibility for Audiology and Hearing Aid licensu= re in New York.=A0 Ideally, the candidate should have experience with heari= ng aid fitting and verification and an understanding of cochlear implant te= chnology, as well as experience in administering behavioral tests (speech a= nd/or psychoacoustic test paradigms).=A0 Experience in working with cochlea= r implant patients and prior research experience is a plus. Please forward CV to Kristin Montella at Kristin.Montella@xxxxxxxx; 550 F= irst Avenue, NBV-5E5, Department of Otolaryngology, NYU School of Medicine,= New York, NY 10016 Arlene C. Neuman =20 =20

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